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alert, they may be better for the environment but a study finds reusable bags may not be good for your health. more and more stores decided to bag plastic bags as more shoppers turn to reusable bags. several major cities have banned the plastic bags altogether. but doctors tested the bags and found the same type of bacterias that you would find in dirty underwear. here's an idea. wash them. designate bags. >> 10% of the bags had e-coli. 50% had forms and most all of the bags had bacteria. >> of course there's a solution. disinfect your bag after each trip and don't store them in your cars. a warm dark place is a breeding ground for bacteria. >>> a new act could help families with inper untilty. in vitro cost about $12 thoush for treatment and it's often not covered by insurance. now the national fertility association and others will support the act which would provide a tax credit to those who choose in vitro like with adoption. it provides up to $13,350 in tax credits. >> it allowed people who wanted to use medical treatment to have that same ability. >> you're on eligible if you make
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1